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The latest anti aging machine

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  1. The Latest anti-aging technology!
  2. The most innovative solutions for non-surgical lifting and skin tightening for loose

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    skin around the eyes, on face and neck. EndyMed Pro radiofrequency(RF)-microneedling.
  3. The EndyMed RF-microneedling, is the first FDA cleared non-insulated motorized microneedle RF technology, in the market, powered by EndyMed unique 3DEEP RF technology.
  4. The Intensif’s ( the handpiece with microneedle) non-insulated gold needles, together with EndyMed proprietary Fractional Pulse Mode technology, generate more heat safely into the dermis for better collagen and reticular fibers proLduction and remodeling which brings skin tightening and rejuvenation.
  5. The mechanisms involved are stimulation of neocollagenesis by needle penetration, emitting the RF energy into deep dermis and the release of the growth factors.
  6. Unlike many other rejuvenating procedures the improvement is permanent.
  7. The EndyMed pro comes with four different sizes and shapes of handpieces plus the Intensif for RF microneedling, can be used safely, around the eyes and face for wrinkles, scars and spots.
  8. It is an excellent procedure for skin laxity of the neck.

Few points on Botox

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    1. Few points on Botox,
    2. Been used in USA for cosmetics in decades.
    3. It has been approved by FDA( Food Drug Administration) for temporary improvement of wrinkles and lines over Glabellar area( frown lines) and around the eyes ( crow's feet or smile lines).
    4. Studies shows which it is very safe and only about 1% unwanted side effects in compare to placebo which are are temporary.
    5. It has been approved for several medical conditions, like, migraine headache, muscular spasm and hyperhidrosis ( too much sweating armpits).
    6. The two most common brands used in USA are Botox (from Allergan) and Xeomin ( from Merz a Swiss/ German company).
    7. Best


Why Fillers?!

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    1. Why Fillers?!
    2. As time passes, facial fats and fibers' ( collagen, reticulin..) loss occurs gradually. Due to gravity which constantly exerts puling pressure, fat movement takes place along with fat loss. It also pulls down fibers.
    3. Fibers specially collagen ( which helps holding these fats at its original place) looses its concentration and elasticity which adds further changes to our looks.
    4. Sun rays specially UVB, another element causes cell damages and skin aging.
    5. All of the above processes, perhaps along with few others ( genetics...) are responsible for facial wrinkles, hollows, folds, skin sagging etc.
    6. Fillers which most of them are made of hyaloronic acid (HA) is a carbohydrate (like starch ) which is a major natural component of our skin, connective tissues, our joint cartilages, joint fluids and more.
    7. Different manfaturers (like Allergan, maker of Juvederm family, Merz: maker of Belotero..) uses different bioengeeneering techniques, like cross-linking, which makes HA- fillers to last longer and form into the disired shape after being injected.
    8. FDA recently has approved many of them for cosmetics. Juvederm voluma Xc, juvederm Xc, Vollure Xc and VolbellaXc and Belotero are some of them which has been approved to be injected into cheeks, lines along sides of nose and lips, etc.
    9. The result is instant after injection, however, HA absorbs water gradually, and it takes several weeks to see ultimate result.
    10. Juvederm Voluma lasts up to two years for cheek augmentation, which needs to be injected into deeper layers of skin.
    11. HA been incorporated in many skin care products as well.
    12. There are other types of filers, like sculptra and Radiesse, which acts differently than HA types for rejuvenation.
    13. HA has been used for medical reasons like arthritis of knees, shoulders and wound repair etc..
    14. Xc stands for Xylocane which provides numbing sensation during injection.
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